Human Ecology Questions

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What framework constitutes a basis for valuesciencing and how can we use that framework to assess the import of valuesciencing? (120 words)

  • 1. In this course what do we mean and understand by “ecology”?
  • 2. How in this course have we explained what Lewis Mumford meant when fifty years ago he wrote, “Henceforth all thinking worthy of the name must be ecological”?
  • 3. What do we mean and understand by “human ecology”?
  • 4. Sketch a framework for analysis using human ecology.
  • 5. What overarching basis for value is evident in this framework?
  • 6. In valuescience what do we mean and understand by “culture”?
  • 7. What benefits may we reap by defining “culture” as we do in valuescience?
  • 8. How might we argue that culture is a singularly important factor in human ecology?
  • 9. How may we use science to assess cultural information?
  • 10. How may we support a claim that valuescience is meta-value?