Religion and Economics Questions

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How might we make economics and religion more consilient with science-based worldview? (<300 words)

  • 1. Define biophysical economics.
  • 2. Define externality.
  • 3. What effect upon stated profit do people in enterprise achieve by externalizing costs?
  • 4. According to biophysical economists, what is the current general quantitative relationship between externalities and profits?
  • 5. Give one or more reasons you think people are reviving biophysical economics now after ignoring it for so long.
  • 6. What are two or more interests some people aim to further by resisting a shift to biophysical economics?
  • 7. Whose ideas about value, weighted in what way, are reflected in market prices?
  • 8. What is a central theoretical challenge of biophysical economics?
  • 9. Define: wealth, income, incomism, capital, capitalism, communism as we have in this course.
  • 10. Define relig and delig as we do in this course.
  • 11. What are three perils of persisting in religing based upon anything but science?
  • 12. Name three potential benefits of evolving religing to be more thoroughly grounded upon science.
  • 13. In what ways do you think you can contribute to evolving economics and religion to be more consilient with a science-based worldview?